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"to love and to protest"

a workshop led by Barnaby Tree

May 19th-21st, 2017



The Ship is a process dedicated towards group vocal expression and performance,starting from a personal experience of the body outwards to include others.  The Singing Ship is an organism of breath, movement, silence, sound and inclusiveness. 

We start, and stay with body work to open up our range and experience,becoming aware of the inherent resonance within our bodies, discovering our own personal sound making apparatus, and opening to connect to the voices of others.


Body work is the application of presence, breath and touch to and with one another. We move from non-invasive touch to direct engagement with the different layers of the body.


We learn that our voices can travel and light up different parts of our own and others bodies.

And through placing our voices in different areas we develop sensitivity, power, expression. Then we connect the body in action to the breath and voice, unlocking the potential of a whole organism, a whole vehicle of movement and song.


Starting on a Friday evening with an introduction to the work and each other we will then work over two days. The first full day focuses on the individual, the second on the group.

We add a layer of meaning to our noise making and sing of what we love.The Singing Ship gives space to voice what is important to us.We can extend the vocabulary of protest to include gentleness,firmness of spirit and openness. We will learn and create songs.

Barnaby Tree is a performer, musician, movement artist and poet with over 30 years of creative and teaching experience.


May 19th- 21st, 2017
Friday 20:00-22:00hr
Saturday  10:30-13:00hr   15:00-18:00hr      
Sunday    11:00-13:00hr    15:00-18:00hr


Sliding Scale (pay as you can, lowest price is for students and low income)

90-140 euros (before may 1st),

110-160 euros (after may 1st)


Location: Studio 142, Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2, Berlin


to register write to Barnaby at :



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