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enfolded into vehicles 

circled by another other self

move c



 multi-armed attachments proliferate waves and possibilities  


on the daytime side of the moons


travel is an agreement between species of light and mess,

grabbing the steering sprouting from our hips and long bones,

we reassemble here and there, that into these and ours, 

this becomes there, we become them and they later


the filaments turn out leaves and mountains

eating sunlight, 

distilled places pop up underfoot

and blossom into city car sites and high born pods of living rooms

and we have barely touched our true speed


and over there on the timeline


there is us 

entwisted into time


look at our traces of other ones and tricks


woven train ships stem the collisions 

bombarding fast sliding animal tendencies

towards building peopled minds of speed whales

bounding between beds, flowering blindscapes!

the silent universe and the orchestral one,

from one to three to many 


you are the noise of the engine

you are the junction weight

and the belly of light


stars travel in all directions at once


move from the back of your head

out into the desert

chosen from the cellular map


no stop only go

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