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                                             on the Bus






pulled out of a spiral diving

    the bird-shaped hole

       reinstates center and

         issues directives

            sown into the cross-fields

              between the bones

                 and travel procedures,





anchor and doing

     mesh meandering landscapes

        into heart warmth

           and having

              a disappearance of time

                 dismembers the apartment

                    from fledgling  worlds

                      struggling with names

                        and, while floating,

                          other older nothings overlap,

                            we happily ruffle

                              the invisible


crowded living rooms

     grow common feathers

         and teleport togetherness

            into auras,

              the penetrating glow

                neither in nor out

                  that loves.


Come rockets! Breath us!

       derelict law titters backwardly

           nesting in certainties,

              back there

                in somewhere,

                  encryption pharaohs

                    have the cities


oh brilliant and glorious!

    we deeply feel your workings

       but decline the wiring,

         our ships are birds,

           not nails or bricks

             though both are loved


the friendly hawk

     tears the head from the happy waxwing

        the storm lovingly disasters

           the contently housed

              full of rejoicing subjects

                 and game cards, 

                   crippling joy


crushes disease,

      generous pain loves a mission

         and the lucky terminations

             become violently hymnal,

                sadness rising embraces sorrows

                   in the glare

                      of happiness


pins fly directionless

       and always hit



mathematicians move 

     to name everywhere


           the lost element

              between us,

                 the feeling estate

                   full of lungs

                     and treatment centers


the water continues through us

      even as we settle

         for the bus,

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