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when moving


may there become here 

and more than that

may all of the many others come in,

time encrusted and belching chasms of then, if and what!


may we be close up and at great distances



the textures of time and the land

and there

moving against our hands or our great kinosphere of


may the feel of dune grass and marsh moss

touch us



may our planetary paws grasp the stillness of the beetle

and the flux of stars

at the same time


may seafoam riders respond to each eye adjustment

with plumes of destinations

to welcome our feet

may the lights welcome our feet and the foot of our vision

a vast snail foot sensitive to the coming and the going


may speed come to us as a cloak

may obstacles become textures and landscapes

as we dive from the small into the big


may the land open to us as we come

may the city turret up its lights into the veins of our ships

declaring feasting weeks and open streets


may the sad lands touch us and the joking mountains

may they touch us so that we know the passing sea bed

and the galloping horses

may the gift be given and the time be given

in huge creamy slices topped with queenly chunks of tactile worms

may the lids blow off the depot walls

and the store rooms burst like spitting fruit as we pass by

the grains collecting in the lines about our eyes


may we pass by carried in the rivers, 

the songs elbowing on the shores


with erupting call birds flung in our wake


may we catch each song in our teeth

and let the juice run down our necks

as we pass by

knowing and having and letting go

all at the same time


may the wind change everything


may our insides be laid out as the road and the motorway


may our sorrows grow into the forests we skim through

injecting the ghosts, healthy and knowing

with the great passing


our need is to move and change

and blossom into this and with and us

and gulp

the swirling sea


may movement come to us and carry us over and through

what has been hidden 

may we journey into what has been hidden

renewing our ships and trains and glimmering bodies

with ships and trains and glimmering bodies

may that take us into the still tide


may we pass by thundering 

may we know what is being taken and who and what we pass


may the giants know us in flight

and as the sun moves

may we move out into the glowing plains


may all the knots loosen on our speeding 

and take us knowingly

distributed out and out and out

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